Steel Industrial Buildings History

Old style steel industrial building

Steel industrial buildings history dates back over 100 years. The early  20th Century  saw companies appearing whom generally made agricultural items such as feed bins, grain bins, water troughs etc.  These were mass produced and therefore could be pre-fabricated – a ready made item that could be delivered to the customer.

Old style steel industrial building

Steel Building dating back to the 40’s

Building Designs

Slowly building designs were beginning to emerge, such as the pre-fabricated  steel garage buildings.  During World War II there was a definite need for steel structures.  These were built and used as barracks and maintenance workshops that could be customised and shipped ready to erect on site.

Therefore, this was the ideal outlet for steel structure companies which were able to produce buildings that required very quick construction with no welding involved.  Thus, lending them to be quick and cheap to produce.

And so when the war finally ended it was quite clear that the industry could not just return to manufacturing their pre-war items.  Pre-fabricated steel industrial buildings were here to stay!!  The post-war construction boom offered the industrial industry the ideal building material.  Therefore, this could be mass produced.  Which was a very  effective way of offering the consumer a quick easy way to build.

At this time the pre-fabricated buildings in the marketplace where limited in set sizes.  However, structural engineers soon began to cotton onto the idea that more could be achieved to meet the demand.   Thus, the pre-fabricated design was no longer an option and  was then known as pre-engineered steel buildings.

The pre-engineered steel buildings continued to progress through the 1950’s and into the 1980’s.   Introduction of the computer led to the ultimate lead in the modern make-to-order process that exists today for steel buildings.

The Industry Today 

The  steel building industry today, boasts a huge capability to produce buildings for virtually any low-rise, residential and non residential end use.  This custom design therefore, made steel buildings very attractive to the market place.

Nowadays, steel framed buildings can be used for any purpose and can be any colour any size and insulated if the building is to be used for a business steel building for example.

Steel Industrial Buildings

Modern day looking steel industrial building