Steel Framed Garden Office Building

Garden Office

With the current situation, many people are required to work from home, so why not buy a Steel Framed  Garden Office Steel Framed Garden Office BuildingBuilding.   We can provide you an easy made to measure Garden Office.

Our quality steel buildings can be designed to be used in all seasons, insulated cladding is from 40mm to 120mm which should give you scope to fit your budget!

Sharp and Strong Steel Buildings offer you a wide variety of affordable, insulated, bespoke garden offices or even a workshop.  For instance, there are so many different options to choose from Apex Roof – Mono Flat Roof, Building Size, Doors, and Windows as well as a wide range of colours to fit into your own location!




Top Benefits of Working from Home in a Purpose Built Office 


1. No commuting!

Whether you are freelance, self-employed, or own a small business the benefit of having a small office in your garden means there is no wasted time sitting in traffic.

By creating the perfect working environment right at home by building an office in your own garden, you can avoid the daily stress of commuting to work!

Working from a garden office now makes the possibility a reality…. What are you waiting for?


2. Design your own Garden Office – Workspace!

It’s not just about insulation, doors, and windows, we can help you with a range of solutions to suit your requirements.

We will create and design your perfect workspace, we can even put partition walls in so you can have more people working in one building or have an office and a reception area.  


3. Noise & Distractions

A garden office will give you much-needed peace and quiet away from the family home.  Providing a surprisingly calm yet serious working environment.

Using a room in the house for an office may seem convenient, but getting an outdoor office provides a more productive and private space for your work.


4. Set-up & time-scales

Our  Steel Building Garden Offices typically take 4 – 5 weeks to arrive from the date of order!  Due to the building being pre-fabricated they can be erected pretty quickly.




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