Steel Aviation Buildings And Hangars

steel aviation hangar

A steel aviation buildings or hangars will give the security your aircraft needs.

Our steel framed hangars provide storage for a wide range of aircraft from small micro lights to helicopters. You have invested a significant amount in your aircraft so why stint on storage and security?

Aviation Buildings

We supply and construct all types of aircraft hangar in the UK:

  • Wide span hangar
  • Cantilevered hangar
  • Military specification hangars
  • Light aircraft hangars
  • Airplane hangar (all types)


Construction and Design

We offer complete structural design and construction of each aircraft hangar and use only the highest quality British steel. Our aircraft hangars can be designed to withstand high wind speeds, seismic loads or arctic snow loads if necessary.  Our expertise gives us the ability to detail and install glazing and cladding systems complete with integrated personnel and vehicle access doors along with many other accessories. site rank . Many airplane hangars have workshops, offices and permanent docking built in. All are supplied and installed in accordance with the client’s individual requirements.

Steel aviation buildings will protect your aircraft from the elements and any threat of security giving you peace of mind.

Talk to us today about your steel building needs.