Sharp and Strong Steel Buildings Sponsor Rebel Racing Car!

Rebel Racer

Rebel Racing Car is a great sport and  Sharp and Strong Steel Buildings sponsor Rebel Racing Car. 

Yes,  we have done another sponsorship this year. We are sponsoring #Team 32  driven by Nick Spicer which is a local team and at the moment are #4 in the Championships league table. Well done!

In July we went to see the Rebel Racing Car #Team 32 race at the Northampton International Race meeting, it was fantastic and great fun!  #Team 32 had a great win in one of their races! It was great to get behind the scenes and see all the cars in the Pit and be part of #Team 32 for the day!

Rebel Racer

Rebel Racer Team#32

Racing Rebel Cars

Rebels began life in late 1994 as a development of an idea by the founders to produce a contact racing series with the need for as little repair equipment as possible. Size and appearance was paramount in the design stage, thus enabling owners and drivers to be proud of their car whilst taking up as little space both at home and in transit.  Powered by a very reliable Reliant 850 all aluminium engine producing 60 plus h.p. at 7500 rpm these little racers are quick and very competitive.

rebel racer

#Team wining their race

Performance is excellent, but the competition is fierce,  therefore  all cars have the same limited suspension system, and dyno checked and sealed power.  Skill determination and perhaps luck play a big part in any race win.

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