Sharp and Strong Steel Buildings have gained ISO 9001 Accreditation!

ISO9001 Accreditation

Great News!!  Sharp and Strong Steel Buildings have gained ISO 9001 Accreditation!  So what does this mean for our clients?


 “ISO 9001 is an international standard that give requirements for an organization’s quality management systems”


ISO9001 Accreditation

ISO 9001 Accreditation


Our Commitments


Sharp and Strong Steel Buildings are committed to:-

  • total quality management
  • customer focus
  • to continually improving process approach implemented throughout the company
  • critical processes and their interactions are understood and documented,
  • strong management commitment to all these facts of the ISO 9001 QMS.  

Therefore, all of these quality management system facets are verified by an independent third party who understands ISO 9001 QMS as well as the industry in which we operate.

The Principles


Sharp and Strong Steel Buildings  ISO 9001 quality system are:-

  • Customer Focus – by delivering services and providing support that meets customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Investment in people – creates an environment where people become fully involved in our objectives.
  • Process Approach – to achieve our objectives with an understanding of how the output process affects the input processes
  • Continual Improvement – increases the effectiveness of our company through continually improving our systems and services.
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships – such relationships enhance our ability to create value

This is our Quality Policy Statement:

Vision: To become the market leader in our field.

Mission: To exceed customer expectations, continually improve performance, achieve excellence and to provide the highest quality product and service.

Values: Commitment to customers & employees alike and to provide unparalleled service. To build long standing relationships with customers and suppliers.

With these process in place are commitment to customers is our first priority. Please do get in contact with us for a FREE steel building quotation 080 328 5247 or email us at