Machinery Storage Steel Building for Shiplake College

Sharp and Strong have completed a new  Machinery Storage Steel Building for Shiplake College in Berkshire.   This building is purely for the purpose of storing machinery, tractors etc. on the College’s campus. 

Machinery Storage Steel Building

  • 10.6 meters wide x 12.6 meters and 3.3 meters to the eaves with a 12 degree pitch
  • 3 x Industrial chain operated roller shutters
  • 1 personal access security door with a panic bar
  • Roof lights

In addition, the  steel building has  40mm  composite  insulated roof and  40mm composite  insulated walls in Juniper Green cladding.  

You’ll be reassured to know that we use Kingspan cladding, which carries the relative fire test accreditation and certification, which many suppliers don’t have. 

Kingspan 40mm composite is a good choice as it prevents condensation and  is secure.  Inn addition, it has a 60 minute burn time, should there be any fire walls conditions, in terms of proximity to other buildings, your boundary, roads or footpaths.

Machinery Storage Steel Building

Machinery Storage Steel Building – internal view

A team of our erectors started on site after the groundworks had been completed.  It only took our erectors 6 days from start to finish to complete this steel building in Shiplake. 


Advantages of Steel Buildings

  1. Most Cost Effective – Steel buildings are much more affordable than other, more traditional building varieties. Consequently, this is  perfect for the educational sector, where institutions are often required to operate on extremely tight budgets.
  1. Speed of Service – Steel buildings are easy to transport and can be assembled quickly with minimum disruption.
  1. Extensive Choice – We offer a range of cladding options to provide as much insulation or fire resistance as is required. We even offer a choice of colours, enabling schools and colleges to install buildings that match their existing structures.
  1. Total Flexibility – If space is an issue, or if a standalone building is not required, we can simply help you to expand your current facilities. We can design lean-to’s to connect new structures to existing structures.
Machinery Storage Steel Building

Machinery Storage Steel Building – external view

Finally, if you would like help with your new steel building or extension to your existing building then please do contact us for a FREE quote.