How to Design Your Steel Building in 5 Easy Steps

how to design you steel building in 5 easy steps

How to design your steel building? Sharp and Strong Steel Ltd offers versatility in layout and design.   The step by step guide below will help you determine the correct size  that bests suits your needs. It will also assist you in selecting key features including roof style, doors colours etc.

Step One (Choosing the size)

When choosing the size of your steel framed building there are a few important details you need to take into consideration:

  1. What are you planning to use your building for? This will determine the size of the building you are going to build. If you’re planning to use it as a garage, how many vehicles and what type of vehicles are you planning on storing?
  2. What size building will fit on the property?



On most steel framed buildings the width is the smallest of the three dimensions; width, length and height. The width is the gable end of the building and is clear span requiring no supports. You can choose any width up to 20 meters.


The length of a steel building is typically the longest dimension. Your building can be customized to any desired length based on your requirements. While the overall length of your building is at your discretion, it will be determined by a few criteria;

  1. The size and number of vehicles being stored
  2. The amount of space available to build


Wall height is the measurement from the bottom of the wall, or the floor of the building, to just under the top of the wall, or eave. The wall height on our buildings go up to a maximum of 6.5 meters to the eaves.   The wall height will be dependent on what you are using the building for.

Step Two: Choosing the Roof Style

Determine which roof style you want for your building by choosing one of the two different roof styles we offer that are listed below.

Pitched Roof

This roof features vertical sheeting, making it stronger, and is the most stylish and classic roof design. This roof type requires the least amount of maintenance and is preferred over the styles of roof.  Our vertical roof also includes a ridge cap which helps evenly distribute rain and snow. This design allows water, snow and debris to drain off the eave sides of the building.

Mono Sloped Roof

A mono pitch roof is one which slopes from one side of a building (or part of it) to another. The mono pitch roof is commonly known as a Lean-to style building.

Step Three: Choosing the Building Colour

With our buildings you can choose the color of the walls, the roof and the trim. Choose from one of the many colors below for your building.

how to design you steel building in 5 easy steps

Step Four: Choosing Doors, Windows and Other Options

Sharp and Strong buildings we can offer a variety of options to choose from when designing your building.  Here are a selection of additional options and accessories below.

  • Personal access doors or fire doors
  • Roller shutter doors – these can be any colour, width or height and can be electric and insulated
  • Windows – UPVc or Aluminium
  • Skylights  – typically 1 per bay
  • Insulation – Prevents condensation, Blocks radiant heat, protects valuables from extreme weather

Step Five: Contacting Sharp and Strong to price your building

Once you have determined the size and design of the building you want, the next step is to contact us. You can go to our request a quote page or for immediate pricing you can talk to one of our friendly building specialists by calling 0800 328 5247.