5 Steel Building Maintenance Tips

Below are 5 Steel building maintenance tips to keep your steel framed structure  in tip-top condition.  There are many benefits of owning a steel building and they require very little up keep. 5 Steel Building Maintenance Tips

Steel buildings have come a long way since they were first manufactured.  High-quality materials, improvements in fabrication and innovative protective coatings to name but a few have improved them no end in recent years.   Steel framed structures have become very popular and desirable in many areas such as commercial, agricultural, industrial and vehicle garages/workshop. 

Because of their durability and ability to withstand the elements steel structures need very little maintenance and few repairs. If you invest a little time into properly taking care of your building it will easily withstand the test of time. 


Basic Maintenance

  1. Keep your gutters and drains clear of sticks, dirt, leaves or other debris.  Thus, ensuring that the gutters are free from any blockages.  Blockages could easily cause an overflow and potentially stain the sides of your new building.
  2. One of the easiest ways of keeping your beautiful steel or metal framed building looking as good as new is to simply wash the structure using a jet wash. 
  3. Looking after your roller shutter doors is also a very simple maintenance step to take which again can be done with a jet wash.  Ensure that you check the working mechanism of the roller, cables and track.  Malfunctioning doors risk letting water into your building. Always ensure the seal at the bottom of your door meets the floor perfectly.
  4. Using a soft bristle brush to keep the roof looking good as long as you don’t mind getting up there of course!
  5. For insulated buildings, ensure no exposure, damage or evidence of moisture exists. 

If you have any questions about Steel Framed Buildings we would be glad to answer them, so be sure to contact us.