5 Questions To Ask Before Buying a Steel Building

5 Questions to ask before buying a steel building – You want to get it right!  You have probably never brought one before so let Sharp and Strong guide you to make the right choices for the steel building that best suits your needs. 


5 questions to ask before buying a steel building

 1. How Much Will My Steel Building Cost?

How much will your new steel building cost?  There are so many variables its like asking how  long is a piece of string!  Every single building that we sell is specifically designed to our clients  needs.  There are so many considerations that will influence the total cost of the building.  

The size is the most important detail  as it will show how much steel is required.  Where the building is to be located is also an important factor.  Custom additions such as doors, windows, insulation – all these factors will effect the price of the building. 

2. How do I reduce my Steel Building Cost?

Sharp and Strong Steel Building kits cost a lot less to construct than any other traditional materials.  Also, they are erected quicker and there is less maintenance on them. 

Don’t opt for the cheapest steel building price you get as you may find that the building you have brought may not be fit for purpose. 

3. Can I Put Up My Steel Building Myself?

Yes, we can supply you with all the drawings you need to erect the building yourself or to get a contractor in to do it for you.

Steel buildings are pre-fabricated and will arrive on site cut to size with the necessary holes pre-drilled into the steel.  The task of erecting these steel buildings is a quick, easy process and they come with comprehensive instructions.  Forklift and or a Cherry picker will be required as well as scaffolding if the building is over 3 metres high.  

4. Do You Do Engineering and the Manufacturing?

Sharp and Strong offer you a bespoke service, in that our steel buildings are designed on a high quality building designer TM software offering you the choice of size and the design that suits the building you want.  

Our Software creates Cam files that are feed straight into the manufacturing processes, reducing scope for human error, achieving an accurate quality component every time.

5. I Want a Quote for a Steel Building Now – How do I Get One?

There are two ways to get the perfect steel building quote that will be fit for purpose: 

  • Complete our on-line inquiry form by clicking HERE
  • Call us now on 0800 328 5247


If you have any further questions please do get in contact with a member of team who will be pleased to help you.